Telescopic Inspection Camera

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Telescopic Inspection Camera

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Telescopic Inspection Camera


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Telescopic Inspection Camera - Portable and Economical.

Designed in the UK with a wide range of applications, an Inspection camera which is portable and allows you take images at high level for many applications, with a remote trigger to operate any digital camera on the market today, form a Small compact camera to a more complex SLR.

Allowing you to safely and securely fix your own camera to the telescopic pole, you can take you camera to heights beyond 10 metres very quickly and take the images from the height of your choice.

Aerial Photographs

A Different Perspective!

Show surroundings in architecture, or get above the crowd.

Getting a camera up in the air is not an unusual concept, however, it has always been an expensive concept and not generally with in the reach of most - certainly it has never been possible with a standard camera.

Using our Telescopic Inspection Camera System, you can use a standard compact camera at almost any height and take as many images as you like.

In fact the applications are huge, we have supplied our telescopic Inspection camera to be used in these fields:

# Survey Inspection
# Damage Inspection
# Land Surveys
# Property Surveys and Marketing for Estate Agents
# Sports Photography from a different perspective
# Accident investigation
# Professional Photgraphy
# Wildlife Studies
# Incident Inspections & Evaluations
# Photography Clubs
# Advertising and Promotions
# Reporters for the press an TV stations

A handy option that we supply with this camera is a foam protection plate, this fits easily underneath the camera and offers protection when lying the pole down between shots, it also has a Red Arrow on the foam pad to illustrate the direction the camera is pointing when in the air.
Telescopic Pole photography also has very fast setup and takedown times, This in also means that time or labour costs are reduced. Overall, Telescopic pole photography is flexible and low cost, lending itself to many applications both outside and indoors.

With the Remote Triggering Device, you can raise your camera on the telescopic pole very quickly and hold the button in your hand to trigger the camera. It works every time and you can take as many pictures as you wish. It will fit any compact digital camera or we will refund you the money back!

Standard Poles are Aluminuim in 2.5, 5 and 7.5 and 10.5 metres.

pole quick release clips

Supplied with

- Telescopic Pole
- Remote Camera Trigger - includes battery
- Instructions for use
- Full Warranty

We can however, supply Fibreglass poles and also go beyond 8 metres - Please Email us for further information and Pricing.

UK Inspection Camera |  Telescopic Inspection Camera