Project Time-lapse Camera

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Project Time-lapse Camera

Project Time-lapse Camera Project Time-lapse Camera Project Time-lapse Camera Project Time-lapse Camera

Project Time-lapse Camera


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Watch your long projects quickly - Digital Time-lapse Project Camera

Do you have a construction Project?
Are you conducting a science project?
Do you want to record a wedding or party in quick motion?

Our Project Timelapse Camera is perfect for showing off all kinds of projects around the home, like painting rooms or re-designing your garden. Even more so, it is a great idea to use when conducting ambitious projects such as restoring a classic car or boat, maybe even laying grass or building your extension.

Of course, not to mention recording professional projects like building a house or erecting a building. The Timelapse Project Camera is the only equipment you will need to develop a short time lapse video of any project.

This camera is perfect for all timelapse photography. With no software to install or update, From the time you take it out of the box it is ready to use. Simply install six C batteries (or connect to an optional AC power adapter or solar power panel), and you are ready to start filming your project.

Choosing the mode:

Selecting the interval between shots is so easy, there are 11 different settings from once a day or as frequent as every 30 seconds or immediately. Three different settings on the focus ring allows the camera to set its sights as close as 18 inches and the easy-to-use dial allows users to set the camera on auto, manual, laser aim or playback modes.

The Time-lapse Project Camera also offers 3 resolutions that you can select to record your project's progress as well as a video mode. This time lapse camera also lets you decide how many pictures to take in each burst. The camera features 25 different time settings - one for every hour from 1 a.m. to midnight, as well as a setting that tells the camera to take a picture as soon as there's enough available light.


A laser-aiming device provides accuracy to ensure each shot is exactly what you want it to be.

An LCD screen works with the set-up program, counts down the time until the next shot, tells you how many pictures are available in the 16 MB memory or your own SD card up to 16 GB. It also lets you know how much battery life remains in the camera.

Mounting the camera is very easy too - the unit comes with two straps and stretch cords to attach the camera to trees, branches or poles. The weatherproof housing also comes with a tripod mount on the bottom, with an optional specialty mount available for poles, posts, stakes or fencing. Or, with the removal of the back of the bracket, it can be screwed directly into a wall.

Access to images is either using a USB cable supplied to plug directly into the camera or by removing an SD card to review on your PC. There's even a TV Out cable to send video directly to your television, DVD player or recorder.

The possibilities with this timelapse camera are endless.

Other Uses:

- Weather and Stars
- Chickens hatching and Wildlife Monitoring
- Ice forming
- Spiders webs being built
- Snails moving
- Long Car Journeys or boat trips
Plus Many More

UK Inspection Camera |  Project Time-lapse Camera